increasing student's engagement

Strategies for increasing student’s engagement in online classes

Student’s engagement in the classes is an important quality for a good learning experience. Student engagement is the concentration and the intensity of the student towards the classes.

In today’s modern technology, online courses have become extremely popular, more and more educational institutions are teaching classes online.

For students listen a class online seems to be a very good learning experience. During online classes, there are many chances of distractions from listening. Some strategies are essential for engaging students in online classes.

Make them feel comfortable

Allowing the students by selecting the environment they like to learn. Making a flexible setting that allows them to learn from the place they want to like their room, in the library, or the park.

Plan some of the activities that make the students actively participating throughout the lesson. Give some time for the student to ask any doubts at any time while taking online classes.

Split down the lesson

A lesson plan is essential for you to keep the students engaged during the online classes. If the lesson seems to be bigger, try to break it down in a meaningful way and teach according to the lesson plan.

Big lessons may make them feel bored and tired. So, this split down process may seem easy for students to engage in the online classes.

Provide some timely feedback

Every positive or negative feedback at the time of learning is extremely important for the better performance of the student in the online classes.

Timely feedback will keep the student engaged in the learning process. The positive feedback often makes the student more effective and it keeps him engaged throughout the class.

Provide some active learning

Active learning is essential for students who prefer online classes because they don’t have any interactions with the trainer or other students like in a traditional classroom.

Active learning will keep engaging adults in the learning process. To keep them engaged you have to approach differently.

Make the students collect some information or data regarding the subject. The direct field observation makes them feel engaged.

Reward their performance

Rewarding the student’s effort and progress in studies will always make them concentrate more on their classes.

Praising them very often for their good approach towards the learning keeps them engaged towards the classes.

Try to reward them in the form of praise or stars towards their performance, or marks for their grades.

These rewards from trainers keep engaging and supporting students in learning. These are some of the strategies used to keep the students engaged in online classes.

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