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Playing online games affect the academic performance of the students

Internet becomes an essential part of our life, it brought many advancements in technology, communication, education, and gaming.

Meanwhile, success in academic performance is also important because it has been recognized as the main goal of education worldwide.

There are some negative effects also caused by the internet on students like online gaming which affects their academic performance.

There are many studies suggest that playing online games affect the academic performance of the students.

Importance of academic performance

Academic performance is important for the students which directly decide the positive outcomes after graduating.

Academic success is much needed for the students to get a job of higher salary grades and also it is important for the students to do their higher education.

The students who succeed in their academic performance would have more opportunities to choose the job of a higher grade than those with less education.

The evolution of technology created many new things to lighten the human work. Online gaming is also an important advancement in the internet.

The relation between video game playing and academic performance have been extensively examined.

Effects of online games on students

Online games have both positive and negative impacts on students regarding their academic performance.

The students who are playing online games are not affecting their grades badly for they know how to limit themselves.

There will no issues until online gaming affects their academic performance and doesn’t cause trouble emotionally.

The students who play online games have good cognitive functions and it makes their focus very well.

The students who are playing online games have a good quality of making quick decisions without losing precision. The online games made the students know the importance of teamwork. These qualities are good for the student’s success in academic performance. The students have good hand and eye coordination who play online games.

The students who like to play online games for a long time will make a negative impact on their academic performance.

Students who spend more time playing online games will have an issue of a lack of concentration on their studies. The more the students spend playing online video games, the sooner they fall asleep.

There will be both optimistic and pessimistic effects of online games on students on their academic performance. Playing online games is not a bad quality, but the students should stick to their limits.

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