Reasons why students should avoid their cell phone usage in the classroom

Mobile phones become one of the essential things in this modern world. We are living in a society where livings without mobile phones become tougher. Mobile phones allow you to connect with your family, friends, and relatives.

There are so many advancements in mobile phones like listening to songs, playing games, making use of the internet and to capture your sweet memories.

Most people, even everyone has a mobile phone from a child to an elder. They make use of them and moreover mobile phones are helpful in many ways.

Negative effects of smartphones

The parents allow the students to carry their smartphones to their schools for security purposes.

Smartphones provide an immerse way of communication and entertainment. Students all over the world are allowed to use smartphones by their parents. They are using mobile phones for various purposes.

The cell phones are used as a tool in education, but allowing the smartphones in classrooms may make a negative impact. The usage of mobile phones leads to a lack of sleeping that affects the health of the students.

Most of the students carry their mobile phones to their classrooms. Students used to play games, chat with friends during the break hours, and somewhere use mobile phones even in the class.

These activities may affect their academic progression. These made the negative effects of smartphones in the classroom for the students as well as the teachers.

Mobile phones in the classrooms made a negative effect on learning, mobile phones distract the students to concentrate on the classes.

Banning mobile phones from the schools allow the students to yield the improvement in their performance.


The mobile phones made a negative impact on students because when the students have mobile phones they used to play online games frequently.

The continuous usage of mobile phones affects their studies. The students using mobile phones for chatting and calling friends, playing games, listening to music, and following social media.

The student using the mobile phone not affecting him only, it also made an impact of distraction for other students around the mobile phone user. Mobile phones in the classroom have multiple negative effects on learning.

The students who do not use mobile phones are scoring higher grades than comparing to the students who are using mobile phones in the classroom.

Using mobile phones in the middle of the classes is not acceptable and students should know the limitations.

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